The Joemeek floorQ MSRP $299.99


The floorQ is basically a Joemeek Optical Compressor in a pedal. "We realized that a lot of guitarists and bass players were buying our studio gear - such as the twinQ - just to put their guitars through" says PMI President Alan Hyatt. "They loved what the compressor did for their sound but it wasn't very practical from a live performance point of view. Actually the same circuit is in our small threeQ box but it still ain't a pedal, so we decided to give them one!" The floorQ also boasts a high impedance JFET input, Class-A preamplifier with an Input Level control, so even with the Compressor switched out, the pedal makes an excellent front end and level matcher for all types of guitar amps.

The floorQ, gbQ and gbdB bring the Joemeek signal processing out of the studio and onto the stage!

These pedals are making waves! Ask your retailer about availability or contact us with quesions!

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gbq demo on youtube